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Vintage Fields

Timeless portraits with a modern twist

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October 10th – October 20th
(2 weeks)


 Bring your family in for our Vintage Fields. Sessions will be photographed around sunset to capture that “sweet light” our photographer loves. Your portraits will not only compliment your home decor but will be awed over for years!

2012 Vintage Fields _ Ashlock


Investment $99


Sunset portrait session

7 wallets

Please call our studio to book your portrait session.

(940) 592 – 3686

only 8 prime time slots – call to book – first come, first serve – $50 non refundable retainer required
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Memorial Day Family BBQ Party!

When I was younger all the cousins would get together and we would have family BBQ’s and we all loved it! Family, games, food, yummy desserts; it was a blast! So as your family gathers together this coming Memorial Day here are some super cute and FUN ideas to impress your guest.


Utensils - there are some cute NEW ideas to present your silverware or utensils to your guest. Store them in the cute utensil garland you made yourself or get cutesy by presenting them in an adorable mini red bucket tied to a mini flag!


Dress up your dog - Not your animal but your hot dog! This is such a great way to add a little extra oomph to your party!


Keep it Covered - For centuries outdoor parties have had a nemesis called… bugs. Keep them out of your food with this quick tips and tricks! Use a small flower-pot to keep dips and other food covered and out of bugs reach. Use baking cups to keep your cool drinks covered and the flys out!



Tiny decor - make it a crafts day and make your own little banner for pies, cakes, and more!


Activities for Kids - even the modern-day kids can pull themselves away from the video games to play some classic relay races!


Sprinkle it - Add a new twist to strawberries by covering them in mini star sprinkles! Super yummy, extra crunchy!


Dress it up - Dress up your Coke or Root beer with DIY printable labels! God Bless America!




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Enjoy and stay cool! 

Backyard Decor to Drool Over

As the school year comes to a close and the warmer weather rolls in we know your backyard or patio will be seeing a lot more action. Family BBQ’s, kids birthdays, neighborhood parties, and other family friendly events.


Why not add a little spice to your backyard this year!?


Julie has been “pinning” away on Pinterest for fresh ideas for our new outdoor garden studio. Check out Julie’s “Decor to Drool Over” on Pinterest to get your some inspiration for some of your summer projects!



There are a lot of DIY projects that you can find on Pinterest but if you are interested in building some planting boxes for your yard I would suggest for some great DIY project tips and tricks!


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I love the two stone walkways shown above, they are so charming and unique! Can make a great focal point for your yard or garden.


Click the following links for the original posts:


Click the following links for the original posts:



Get creative and have fun! Find ways to use some of your older items like doors, vintage chests/trunks, pillows, rugs, etc. Don’t be afraid of color outside! You really can’t go wrong… well unless there are pink flamingos involved… but that we will save for another post.


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Click here to visit Julie’s “Decor to Drool Over” on Pinterest!

The Wichtia Falls Humane Society Came to Visit Us!

The Humane Society of Wichita Falls brought in some furry friends to visit and have a photoshoot! Work those paws!




Most of you know of Sweet Hope. She just had her heartworm treatment and will have to take the next 20 days or so very slow. We have been looking for a foster home for this sweet girl while she recovers. Please share and help us find her a quiet place. She should be the only dog for now in a home until she is done with her treatment. She does well with others, walks great on the leash. In case you are not familiar with Hope, here is her story.


The Story of Hope

This beautiful girl was shot at close range with a shot gun. Her tail was mostly blown off leaving it disfigured. Her side was punctured and full of shotgun pellets. She ended up at The City Shelter. We COULD NOT let her life end this way. We picked her up, took her to our vet, had her x-rayed, and cleaned most of the pellets out of her body. We then put her on an antibiotic to keep any infection away. Hope healed from her horrible injuries and somehow is sweet and loving beyond measure. During testing, we discovered she is heartworm positive and her treatment will start soon. Please come meet her. She is glorious. She will greet you from her beautiful eyes to her wagging, stubby, little tail. We really think she knows she has been given a second chance. She smiles….and she will make you smile too.







Missy is a 4yr. Chihuahua. She was rescued from a hoarding situation. She’s a shy, quiet little thing but once she knows you, she wants to be wherever you are. She is easy to be around and gets along great with other dogs. Missy will walk on a leash but would much rather be carried :)







Fluffy also was rescued from the hoarding situation. She is three years old, also shy but very loving. She will walk on a leash too and is happy just for attention. She didn’t get a lot of it where she was but she sure enjoys it.







Butterscotch is a 1 1/2yr old greyhound/shep mix. This beautiful girl is very good on the leash she will walk or run with you. She has a great, open personality. She gets along with other dogs; in fact, she almost wants to please them. She’s the same with people. She is happy sunning in the yard or curled up in her bed. She’d be MOST happy to have a lap to lay her head in….







Marrin has been adopted since his photo shoot but we couldn’t resist sharing his sweet photo with you!



Want to adopt one of these pups?
Contact the Humane Society
Humane Society of Wichita Falls –  940.855.4941


For more information on how YOU can adopt a dog check out the Humane Society of Wichita Falls Facebook page or website!



Mother’s Day Contest 2012


Dear Mom,
you mean the world to me…

Celebrate your Mom this Mother’s Day by entering her in Creative Portraits’ Mother’s Day giveaway.


How to enter:

Simply, write a letter to CP telling why your Mom should win the Mother’s Day contest and how much she means to you. Submit your letter in the form below or by clicking here.


Creative Portraits will post your letters to our blog so everyone will have a chance to vote for their favorite entry. CP has put together a panel of judges to decide the winner from the 3 entries with the most votes.

Deadline for Mother’s Day contest entry is April 25, 2012 by 5 p.m.
Please note that no entries will be accepted after this time.


Voting will begin April 26th


Winner will be announced Friday, May 11, 2012 by 5 p.m.


Creative Portrait reserves the right to make any changes to these details as necessary including the right to refuse entry without reason. By submitting your entry you agree to these terms. 


Fill out my online form.